You, your blog and your goals

Darts board

A few days ago, David Airey’s Creative Design blog passed the 1,000 comments mark. A small yet impressive milestone for a relatively young blog. (I was the 1,000th commenter – I’ll claim that free pint one day, David)

David’s achievement, along with Scot Smith of Meridiancrest’s success at smashing his own goals he set for March, has inspired me to set myself a few goals. is still only three months old. Therefore it makes sense to set the following targets for it’s six-month birthday, on 2 August 2007:

  • Reach the Technorati top 100,000 blogs (450% improvement)
  • Establish 100 RSS subscribers (500% improvement)
  • Average 100 visits per day during July (300% improvement)
  • Total 85 blog posts (an increase of 55 posts)
  • Reach the front page of Google for keywords ‘Aaron Russell’

Do you set yourself goals?

What kind of goals do you set for your blog? Are these kinds of metrics even important to you? If not, what is? And what do you think of my goals – are they too stretching or too easy?