The road ahead

The Road ahead

Well here it is. I have been trying to think what to write for a first post, I mean it’s all about first impressions isn’t it? If you read something for the first time and it grabs you, your more likely to come back and see whats going on next time right? If you go for a job interview and you look a mess and are not prepared, your less likely to get that job because of a bad first impression. It’s the same with web design.

But what do you do if you have a client with very specific needs, and your all out of ideas? What about all those times your struggling to come up with a design, and by the tenth attempt you still haven’t nailed it? I stop designing. Take a break. Take a walk. Then I come back to the computer and research. I get inspired.

There are hundreds of resources out there to inspire designers, but the problem is finding the right ones for any particular project. Im not saying if your stuck for a design idea to go and steal someone elses, but looking at well designed sites can inspire you to go the extra mile and create that fantastic design you have been chasing.

This is a daily routine for me, researching design and seeing what is out there, inspiring myself to go the extra mile with each new project. And every now and then you come across a gem of a site that gives you that inspiration you crave so much. Over the coming months I will be sharing my discoveries showing you the great sites, inspiring graphics and other great resources of inspiration. Who knows what may turn up!

Farewell until next time,