In search of Inspiration

admin | November 26, 2008

In my online travels this week I have come across a site or two I wish to share with you. I was struggling with a site design and visited the usual CSS galleries we all know and love for some…..

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Photoshop image manipulation

admin | November 18, 2008

I was away on holiday a few weeks ago, and as much as it was cold, wet, rainy, windy (traditional British weather of course) I did manage to take what I considered to be reasonable photographs. This was fine until…..

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The road ahead

admin | November 11, 2008

Well here it is. I have been trying to think what to write for a first post, I mean it’s all about first impressions isn’t it? If you read something for the first time and it grabs you, your more…..

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The end of an era

admin | November 5, 2008

Well, what can I say readers? It’s been a while… The last time I posted here was five months ago. Seriously, I consider that too lengthy a period of time to call this an ‘active’ blog. So what now…..

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