The end of an era

Waving goodbye

Well, what can I say readers? It’s been a while…

The last time I posted here was five months ago. Seriously, I consider that too lengthy a period of time to call this an ‘active’ blog. So what now for

Well, I have good news and sad news. The sad news is that my business and personal commitments mean that continuing to run this site isn’t an option. Already there are a few spots of mildew gathering in the corners of this site, so to prevent further neglect I have decided to step down from the helm.

The good news is that a keen and willing successor is in place to kick a new lease of life into the site. Jason Stone is a Graphic Designer within a web design and software development company from Essex UK. Jason is an experienced blogger and owns the popular Flash tutorial blog This is what Jason has to say:

“I am a long-term reader of Aaron’s blogs and I am very excited to be taking over, and breathing some life back into a great website.

Over the coming months you can expect to see a revived site, with new posts added weekly providing inspiration for designers and some ramblings on my day-to-day discoveries on the web, plus a few surprises – but you will have to wait and see!”

Jason will be taking full ownership of the site from 1st December but he is an author with immediate effect, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of him very soon.

For me however, an era has come to an end. I learnt a lot with this site and got to know some great people too. If you haven’t already, do make sure you subscribe to the feed at my new site, or follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for the support that I’ve always been shown and thanks for the wealth of information and knowledge that you have all shared with me. Forgive me as I wipe back a tear or two. Goodbye