An interview with Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy

Last week I was asked to participate in a group interview project organised by a handful of blogger-designers on the Estetica Design Forum. With my lifelong ambition for a Friday evening chat show at the forefront of my mind, I eagerly agreed.

I was asked to interview 24 year old graphic designer and self confessed geek-girl Caroline Murphy from Newcastle in the North East of England.

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?
I’m 24, living in the east end of Newcastle with my partner and little kitten. I work full-time for a firm called Armadillo Creative and also try and freelance in my spare time under CM Designs.

Tell me more about your love of design and creativity. How did it all start?
I think it has always been with me; apparently when I was 3 I won an art competition! But, I’ve always been into drawing but was extremely precise and neat. My mum told me it was graphic design and from then on I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Before we go any further, one crucial question: Mac or PC?
I’ve used both, but PC is the one for me! Mac’s do look good, but I like to be able to customise and upgrade my PC to no end, myself. Yes, I am a geeky girl.

So you run your own business and work in an agency? How do you squeeze it all in?
With great difficulty!! It was OK when I was part-time for the ‘Revenue, but now its very hard when I’m working over 40 hours a week. But as always I get there in the end: persistence and a lot of tea!

Hows the Freelance side of your career going? Is it something you intend to push further or are you happy being an employee?
Its had its up and downs, I didn’t expect to start freelancing so early in my life, therefore its been a steep learning curve, but I do wish to gain experience every day and hopefully do more work for more clients in the years to come. My dream would to be in my own small creative firm, alongside friends that have that same interest.

If I came to you with an ideal project that filled you with joy, what would that project be?
Oooh gosh that is a hard one. Sounds odd but I like someone quite demanding and knows their own mind, so it would inspire and encourage me to create something big and wonderful!

Where can I go to see examples of your recent work?
You can find my main portfolio blog at and my less serious side at

When you’re feeling down and uninspired, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing again?
I flick through my Computer Arts magazine, look at inspiring art on deviantART and if that doesn’t work, me and my boyfriend go to the coast for a drive and chill out.

Do you have any advice for the kids out there?
Work hard, play hard. Keep your chin up and you will get there, maybe not tomorrow, but you will someday!
Oh, and don’t take drugs!

What about the ones that are looking to start a design career?
Do listen to those who are already doing the job you want; not everyone is right just because they are older. A bit of education and experience (not either or) goes a long way. Don’t loose the enthusiasm you have as a young person. Its OK to be different.

Last but certainly not least, what song is getting played the most on your iPod right now?
I don’t own an iPod (shock horror) but I have a lovely new head-unit, and at the moment its Tidy Boys – Heavens Cry (Til Tears Do Us Part).

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