Be ‘digged’ and die happy

Social bookmarkin icons

You may have noticed a new funky little ‘Share the love’ icon appear at the bottom of every article over the last few days. Go on, hover the mouse over it and see what happens.

I’ve got absolutely no evidence that anyone has ever used the social bookmarking icons or the Share This plugin that I’ve previously used, so I’ve ditched the plugin and packaged the little bookmark icons into a neat and clutter-free solution that might just be intriguing enough to make readers hover their mouse over the link.

It was a right royal pain in the ass to get it working in Internet Explorer 6, but I got there in the end with a little help from a suckerfish. I downloaded the social bookmark icons from Fast Icon and the others were drawn by yours truly in a matching style.

Now that I’ve gone to all the effort of creating this little social bookmarking drop-down of joy, if I don’t get ‘digged’, have my server killed by a deluge of traffic, and receive reams of derogatory comments by hordes of hateful pubescent teens by the end of this year, I’ll be very disappointed!