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The road ahead

admin | November 11, 2008

Well here it is. I have been trying to think what to write for a first post, I mean it’s all about first impressions isn’t it? If you read something for the first time and it grabs you, your more…..

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Does your Nan understand OpenID?

admin | April 17, 2008

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding OpenID at the moment, and there’s good reason for it too. The idea of one single login for all your Internet services has been the holy grail of online authentication for years. OpenID differs from previous…..

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Aviary: The sky’s the limit for web-based design applications

admin | January 14, 2008

A small group of Internet software developers in New York are hoping to turn the world of online art on its head with a new suite of creative applications called Aviary. Aviary will consist of an entire flock of bird-themed applications…..

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