How to add custom sites to I Love Social Bookmarking

I Love Social Bookmarking

On a recent comment on the I Love Social Bookmarking plugin page, I was asked by shegs of GamersBeyond how to add a custom site to ILSB. Well, as luck would have it, it’s actually really easy so I will walk through the stages here.


  • A social bookmarking site – there are millions out there to choose from.
  • An icon – I wont describe how to make an icon, but you will need one (preferably PNG) size 20 x 20 pixels.
  • A submission URL – each site works slightly differently so you will need to find out the format of how URLs are submitted.

Place the icon and edit the CSS

This first bit is really easy. Simply put your icon in the plugin includes folder along with all the other icons. Make sure you have named it something sensible.

Next you need to open up the plugin’s style.css style-sheet (also in the includes folder). See the list of classes that show the background images for each social network site? Add a new one using exactly the same format (replacing ‘mysite’ with your chosen site):

  1. .ilsb-mysite {background-image:url(mysite.png);}

Add the site to the PHP array

This next bit is slightly less easy. But still easy. Open up ilsb.php and scroll down until you find the show_icons array. See the format for how each separate site is defined? Well that’s right, you need to create a new one using the exact same format which will look something like this.

  1. 'show_mysite' => array(
  2. 'selected' => 'on',
  3. 'url' => '',
  4. 'title' => 'Add to MySite',
  5. 'anchor' => 'MySite'),

See. I told you it was easy

That, ladies and gentlemen, is it. You may need to click the ‘Reset Defaults’ button in ILSB admin options screen if it doesn’t show up immediately.

If you do add any extra sites, do let me know via the comments here or my contact form, and I will consider putting your custom sites in the next release.