One easy method to get more readers

Internet Explorer logo

I realised in the last couple of days that isn’t working very well in Internet Explorer. Ooops! Not very clever from someone asserting to know their stuff on web and design matters.

I’m sure when I built the site I checked across a few browsers and it worked fine, but along the line somewhere the formatting has gone skew in IE.

A few blogs I regularly read have been updating or tweaking their designs, such as Chanpory Rith’s LifeClever, David Airey’s Creative Design, Glen Wolsey’s blog and also Smashing Magazine.

So given the fact that it seems to be the trendy thing to do (and the fundamental flaw that some 90% of the Internet can’t view my site how I intend), I am taking inspiration from the above blogs and completely redesigning from scratch.

Over the coming weeks posts may be few and far between, but please have patience. The end result will look a lot cleaner and less cluttered, be more usable and functional, and be accessible to some 756 million extra users. Everyone’s a winner really.