Finding the perfect web host for you and your clients

admin | February 7, 2008

An unfortunate truth for any of us who buy web hosting is that there are a lot more bad hosts than there are good ones. Running a website can be a complicated affair at the best of times but when…..

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Be ‘digged’ and die happy

admin | September 4, 2007

You may have noticed a new funky little ‘Share the love’ icon appear at the bottom of every article over the last few days. Go on, hover the mouse over it and see what happens. I’ve got absolutely no evidence…..

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A new look, a new beginning

admin | March 19, 2007

After the shock and horror of discovering my site didn’t work with Internet Explorer, a weekend of furious coding later, has a new look and feel to it. If you are reading this page you are looking at the new design now……

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One easy method to get more readers

admin | March 17, 2007

I realised in the last couple of days that isn’t working very well in Internet Explorer. Ooops! Not very clever from someone asserting to know their stuff on web and design matters. I’m sure when I built the site I checked…..

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