A retired DJ’s month of music: Funk

Seventies pattern

Following from last weeks well-received House music mix, recorded by yours truly back when I used to be a DJ, my month of music continues with a fine mix of funk, groove and disco.

The 70s occupies a special place in my heart: firstly it’s the decade in which I was born (by two weeks), but also the standard of music that came out of the 70s is the greatest mankind has ever known. Technically and artistically, the 70s was a bloody brilliant decade for music, across all genres.

I recorded this mix sometime in 2003 when I was going through a phase of hunting down and buying old and rare vinyl. You will hear acts like the Fatback Band, War, and Funkadelic. In fact this mix actually contains two of my all-time favourite tunes.

The mix is just over 70 minutes long. Feet don’t fail me now!