A mental note isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

Every minute of every day, my brain is chugging away thinking of things. Usually I’m thinking of things that are irrelevant to the task I’m actually performing. Most of the time, in fact, my thoughts are centered around things I need to be doing in the future, like the interview I’m having tomorrow, or the design project I’m starting next week, or the the blog post I need to write tonight.

Yet, all to often, when I sit down to brainstorm project ideas or think of topics for my blog, my brain doesn’t want to play ball. All I remember about my thoughts and ideas is that they were brilliant, once. But now they’re gone and I’m starting from scratch. How irritating.

My new notebook

So yesterday, I popped into town and searched for an A6 notebook. After concluding that masculine people clearly don’t buy notebooks, I bought this.

The notebook will fit in my pocket and be on my body at all times. Any creative seeds that pop in to my head – be it thoughts, ideas, quotes from reading, things that I see or hear – will be scribbled down for a time when they might be useful. So now I’m making a mental note to write more notes.

How do you record inspiration?

Whether you’re a designer, an artist, a musician or a blogger, capturing inspiration is key to your life. How do you do it? What tools and methods are your stock-in-trade when it comes to capturing those random ideas?