Borne into reality at the beginning of 2007, was Aaron Russell’s creative playground. He is a dedicated design enthusiast, and you can see what he’s up to now at

So who am I?

My name is Jason Stone and I am a Graphic Designer based in Essex, UK. I work for a growing web design company with a group of friends in what is probably the most awesome studio, ever. Focusing on web design and Flash, I also run a flash tutorial site,

I adopted from Aaron Russell in November 2008, to ramble about my weekly findings and connect with like minded people to create an inspiring design resource for the masses.

Why do I blog?

As i’m sure is common amongst designers, you have those days where you need inspiration. But where can you find it? And when you do find an amazing resource, a great looking site or even something that is so rediculous its great where do you tell people? Easy. Through a blog, to create a community of designers all seeking the same result. The next great masterpiece. This is my contribution.