Cleaning up graffiti with time lapsed photography

Light writing

Young artists in Berlin are pushing the boundaries of graffiti art by getting rid of the spray paint and replacing it with torches, glow sticks and digital cameras.

Flickr user, lichtfaktor calls himself a Lightwriter and creates stunning photography by setting his camera to over-expose and ‘painting’ various lights into the shot. The result is a modern and unique visual style which is reminiscent of urban graffiti but is clean and damages no-one else’s property.

Light graffiti character

Light graffiti dog

Graffiti is one area of creativity that stirs emotions. When David Airey posted about the Kelburn Castle graffiti project opinions were very split. Certainly where I live lots of kids scribble their ugly and unimaginative tags over people’s garage doors and walls, which is nothing more than mindless vandalism. That said, I’ve also seen some wonderful murals around, and having a Banksy mural on the side of your house may even increase it’s value.

The innovative techniques lichtfaktor is applying to this urban art-form are exciting, imaginative and the results are impressive. It’s something I’d love to see a lot more of. Make sure you check out the rest of lichtfaktor’s work on Flickr.

Credit to Eye’s on Creativity for highlighting this one. Thanks for the recent comments: Randa, David, Vivienne, Paul, Justin and Tara.

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12 fantastic comments

That’s awesome! What a fantastically original and creative idea… Why didn’t I think of that? ;)

Wow these look great. I can’t believe its just done with light, it looks like he’s painting on glass. It must be incredibly difficult to work out where the next position of your light should be.

I’ve seen a little of this around lately, and think it’s superb.

Thanks for mentioning my Kelburn Castle article, Aaron. Much respect.

Paul – I can imagine you hitting the streets of Essex late at night, armed with glowsticks and torches.

Tara – Yeah, damn right. Especially when writing actual words as you’d have to do it back to front. Mad skills.

David – No problem mate :)

How cool is that? I love it. And it’s something I would love to try!

Sera – I want to try it too!! If you go to lichtfaktors Flickr profile, there are some rough instructions how he does it. Obviously you need a decent camera that can expose over 20-30 seconds (something I don’t have), but other than that it’s just bike lights and torches etc.

LOL! Not sure about Essex at night, but I used to hit the streets of Milton Keynes with glowsticks – back when Helter Skelter was still in its heyday! ;)

[...] Aaron at milienzo recently published another interesting article drawing attention to Lichtfaktor’s Flickr set. [...]

[...] are a few articles around the web discussing this technique. Heres one @ that features the [...]

i wanna take a few photos using this technique.
the visuals look amazing at the end.

check our new video at
love and repect

[...] Aaron at milienzo recently published another interesting article drawing attention to Lichtfaktor’s Flickr set. [...]

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