The Technorati top 100 superficial list

Technorati top 100 superficial list

Recently I’ve stood from the sidelines and watched with a little disappointment as hordes of bloggers have exchanged Technorati favourites in an attempt to game the system and break the Technorati Top 100 Most Favourited Blogs List.

The trend seems to have started over at with a reciprocal favouriting scheme that works kind of like a pyramid sales scheme. A clever scheme for the guys at Dosh Dosh, and perhaps the first dozen or so other participants, but a bit of a waste of time for all the other mugs that follow suit.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has written an excellent article on the recent gaming of Technorati, and explores some interesting questions:

  • Does the Technorati Top 100 Most Favorited Blog List drive traffic?
  • Does it increase profile?
  • Does it give egos a boost?
  • Does Technorati care?
  • So what’s the point of Technorati favorites and why do I promote it?
  • So what do I think about swapping favorites to climb the Top 100 Most Favorited Blogs List?
  • What do I think about the Top 100 Most Favorited Blogs List?

Darren concludes that the Technorati Top 100 Most Favourited drives hardly any traffic, and advises that bloggers would be better off putting the energy they are putting into gaming the Technorati system into building a better blog.

Amit from Digital Inspiration writes how the list has lost credibility due to the gaming. True, the list has lost credibility, but the favouriting system remains a good one. To quote Darren Rowse:

I’d much rather 10 genuine readers mark me as a favorite and see my posts when they next log in than 180 do it to get me into a list that doesn’t seem to do anything more than boost my ego.

And that just about sums it up for me. is currently favourited by five people. And I love those five people because they have chosen to favourite my site; they like what I do and want to see more. And I feel I have earned that through hardwork and honesty.

It’s fair game guv!

Do you think reciprocating Technorati favourites and MyBlogLog communities is fair game and your loss if you don’t? Is more really more? Is quantity more valuable than quality?

As always, many thanks for the previous posts’ comments: Tara, Nietzsche, webee, Justin, David and Frucomerci.

PS – I make apologies for the crap artwork above… but I saw that picture and couldn’t resist it. :D

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your comments on reciprocal favoriting. I’ve made a detailed post on the subject, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

If you would like to read it, please feel free to click on my name. :)

[...] The Technorati top 100 superficial list [...]

I agree with you. Those meme’s are good for links, to give some juice to your Technorati rank, but who cares about the top 100 really? Also, it’s just fake. I want someone to make my blog a favorite because they really like it. Someone added me to the meme, and I hate to not post it, because it seems sort of rude not to, but I may not this time.

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well aaron,
as long as cracking into the top 100, doesn’t bring that much increase in traffic, it’s really not valuable at all.

the new question now is how legitimate that list is? and what technorati does to clear it? how legitimate is technorati now?

well the top 100 favorite doesnt increase traffic anymore because there are already thousands of bloggers changing the rank everyday. Becuase of the non-consistent ranking because of bloggers pushing the list up and ever changing list, no one cares to visit it anymore unless you are watching what rank “your blog” is now.

Of course you are going to stick nofollow on the links from your theme by default so that it doesn’t affect your Technorati ranking or Google search results?

It should be noted that there is no point in exchanging MBL community membership, because MBL haven’t yet done anything to make it worth having more than a 100 or so communities (and even that doesn’t really mean anything). In the future maybe it will be worth having 100s or 1000s of communities in MBL.

Technorati can be used legitimately importing 1000+ favorites

Quantity is sometimes better – it allows you to research your blog posts better, and respond to your readers needs.

I gave it a shot, to see what the fuss was. It hardly took any time and now I’ve forgotten about it (except for the follow-up posts doing the rounds).

However, if I visit a new blog that I enjoy reading I’ll still make it a Technorati favourite, because I can see from the Technorati homepage the most recent posts from favourites (I can’t subscribe to every blog I read via RSS simply because it would take an eternity to keep up with every single update).

Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about.

I received a comment saying I had been added to someones favourites list asking me to take part. I read a bit about it but couldn’t bring myself to favourite blogs that I didn’t read.

Maki – Great article – I’ve left my comments on your site :)

Randa – There probably is some value in being in the top 10 or so favourited, but anything less I’m not so sure. That’s why the pyramid meme is floored because only the early adopters will benefit. If you join it now you’re being gamed as much as Technorati is.

webee – I think the top 100 probably has lost value… although to be honest I think its value was questionable in the first place. I just read on Engtech a suggestion that it should be dropped. Makes sense to me.

Nietsche – I’m not sure anyone ever did use the list?

Alan – Thanks for favouriting me… although I sense some irony in there somewhere…

Andy – I think it’s important to make a distinction between Technorati ranking and Technorati most favourited. Besides, my theme is the result of a weekends hard work and if I benefit from that I’m cheating no-one.

David – That would strike me as being the intended purpose of favourites – to bookmark sites you enjoy reading. Not to have a meaningless list of several hundred anonymous blogs.

Tara – A woman of principle. It’s nice to see.

I arrived here this time via ProBlogger. I hope the link from Darren brings you some new readers.

[...] The Technorati top 100 superficial list [...]

Aaron I am not saying it is cheating, or that you are doing anything wrong, but themes have a drastic effect of Technorati Authority and they do take action.

Just as an example, I use a theme from is ranked 49 by Technorati

Kicked off the Technorati top 100 and don’t appear in search results on Technorati. The same happens with other theme designers who get too popular, and also happened to all the Wordpress team.

It might still help regarding monetization

Andy – apologies, I got my wires slightly crossed. I must confess sometimes the joys of SEO do reduce me to total confusion. Although I’m learning lots through sites like yours :)

Do Technorati punnish because it is a site-wide link? Would you recommend adding “nofollow” to the link, fullstop, or apply some php so if ishome() it follows, else nofollow? Or something like that?

Honestly, I would just accept that if your theme gets popular, you are going to get lots of links and be able to sell text links for a lot of money just like other designers.

It is not your fault Technorati count sidebar links after all, and it is great for search rankings too.

I would make sure the text links were unobtrusive and have anchor text to a deep link, such as “Fresco Wordpress Theme” pointing to your theme page and maybe a second link to your about page, not your TLD.

There are all kinds of gaming that goes on, memes, link trains, blogrolls, blog networks, or what I did, added currently only 800 people to my Technorati favorites because I do want to read them occasionally, and encouraged others to do the same.

Thanks for the link love, Aaron! :)

I’m also glad you shared that gaming the top 100 at Technorati isn’t worth it. I’ve been thinking about how to capitalize on the WTF action in Technorati. Any thoughts about the value of that?

Sad state of blogging affairs eh? My target audience is myself. I write for one person in mind. Narcissistic but everyone has a blogging game plan of his/her own.

Really hairy photo. Could have used a title related to it like:

Technorati Top 100 = Shave The Fave-Slave

I tried, I tried.

Andy – Many thanks for the tips. :)

Justin – I’ve tried a couple of WTFs but not really had much joy with them. Maki (the first commenter above) did an experiment with WTF which is well worth reading about.

Evil – Ha ha – thank you for the chuckle :D
Having just come home from the pub with a few beers in me, and a bit depressed having seen my team knocked out of the Champions League (albeit by a much better AC Milan), I needed that.

I think that unless you’re in the blogging “game” to make money (and I’m not), then who cares about making into the top 100 Technorati (I don’t); I sometimes feel that there’s too much emphasis on this and the other ranking and being Dugg and Stumbled and “Delicioused” and whatever; it takes the fun out of blogging. I write my blog, because I enjoy it, and it’s often a welcome respite from actual work. Many of these ranking services don’t bring quality traffic your site’s way. I’m really not interested in page views. I’m interested in people READING my content. If they arrive via one of these services and exit without looking around or reading a single paragraph, then what have I gained? Nothing, besides a page impression that will proudly show itself in my blog stats.
Good post, Aaron.

LOL that really is some pretty funny artwork.

The point you make is a valid one – sometimes people lose sight of their true objectives in ‘climbing the ranks’ and are just boosting egos.

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