In search of Inspiration

In my online travels this week I have come across a site or two I wish to share with you. I was struggling with a site design and visited the usual CSS galleries we all know and love for some inspiration, but that was not where I found it. In my despair I started visiting random sites, in the hope of something setting off a spark and inspiring me. Then I came across two sites, each unique in there own way and I had my inspiration!

The first of these was Multiplayer Bingo

On first impressions its not a ’stunning’ site, but it was the colours that grabbed me. The bright pink’s and blue’s could be blinding, but the beige eases the eyes and in all they compliment each other well. Online Bingo is not my thing at all, but attention is drawn to the important areas of the site through the use of these colours and tempts you to give it a try and sign up. (although I didn’t, bingo is just not my thing!)

Another site which grabbed me was

I love the colour scheme and layout on this site. Personally I think it looks awesome but then I have always been a fan of orange and black layouts! Every detail on this site has also been carefully planned. Articles are well layed out, you can easily get to a category you require such as SEO resources or the Internet marketing articles, and they are well presented.

Just from exploring random websites I was starting to notice that you can be experimental with colour schemes, go out on a whim and use bright colours but use them in an effective way. They have not been overused on either site, but they are dominant and do their job: draw your attention and inflame your curiosity of the site!

There are alot of great resources for finding colour scemes, wether it be css galleries, other sites or colour matchers etc. But why use those? Why not be experimental, splash some bright colours over a site but think about how effective they will be, and are they drawing attention to the correct areas?

Well, enough of me waffling on, i’m going to go experiment with colours!

Spill your thoughts below and if you find anything cool, share the love!


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Photoshop image manipulation

I was away on holiday a few weeks ago, and as much as it was cold, wet, rainy, windy (traditional British weather of course) I did manage to take what I considered to be reasonable photographs. This was fine until I got them off the camera and looked at them in full res. And they looked AWFUL! I then set about tweaking the settings until I had a set of photos I could be pleased with.

This is all well and good, but then I started looking into image editing a bit more. Now don’t get me wrong, I knew alot could be achieved with photoshop in regards to manipulation but I had never really explored enough, after all i have always used photoshop for web design! A few hours and many sites later I was AMAZED with the results people had, with suprisingly little work. Take a look at these:

Please see for information on this image

Please see for information on this image.

These were just a couple of the examples I found, but two that jumped out at me. Seeing how these effects are created (and these are a couple of the simpler ones) makes me want to delve even deeper into photoshop.

But why wait until you get the images in photoshop? Why not be more creative whilst your out and about (or even at home!) TAKING the photgraphs. Here are a couple of links links to some great examples of this:

If you really want to go all out and create some masterpieces, obviously alot more work is involved! After looking through these sites it has inspired me to maybe take my images that step further and create something unique, something I can be proud of. This is new territory for me, I have always used photshop for design purposes from school through to current day. Now it is time to explore the intensness of image editing it offers, and i’ll let you know how I get on!


P.S – After writing this post, I visited smashing magazine and found this which may be of interest, enjoy!
Smashing Magazine – Tilt Shift Photography

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The road ahead

The Road ahead

Well here it is. I have been trying to think what to write for a first post, I mean it’s all about first impressions isn’t it? If you read something for the first time and it grabs you, your more likely to come back and see whats going on next time right? If you go for a job interview and you look a mess and are not prepared, your less likely to get that job because of a bad first impression. It’s the same with web design.

But what do you do if you have a client with very specific needs, and your all out of ideas? What about all those times your struggling to come up with a design, and by the tenth attempt you still haven’t nailed it? I stop designing. Take a break. Take a walk. Then I come back to the computer and research. I get inspired.

There are hundreds of resources out there to inspire designers, but the problem is finding the right ones for any particular project. Im not saying if your stuck for a design idea to go and steal someone elses, but looking at well designed sites can inspire you to go the extra mile and create that fantastic design you have been chasing.

This is a daily routine for me, researching design and seeing what is out there, inspiring myself to go the extra mile with each new project. And every now and then you come across a gem of a site that gives you that inspiration you crave so much. Over the coming months I will be sharing my discoveries showing you the great sites, inspiring graphics and other great resources of inspiration. Who knows what may turn up!

Farewell until next time,


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The end of an era

Waving goodbye

Well, what can I say readers? It’s been a while…

The last time I posted here was five months ago. Seriously, I consider that too lengthy a period of time to call this an ‘active’ blog. So what now for

Well, I have good news and sad news. The sad news is that my business and personal commitments mean that continuing to run this site isn’t an option. Already there are a few spots of mildew gathering in the corners of this site, so to prevent further neglect I have decided to step down from the helm.

The good news is that a keen and willing successor is in place to kick a new lease of life into the site. Jason Stone is a Graphic Designer within a web design and software development company from Essex UK. Jason is an experienced blogger and owns the popular Flash tutorial blog This is what Jason has to say:

“I am a long-term reader of Aaron’s blogs and I am very excited to be taking over, and breathing some life back into a great website.

Over the coming months you can expect to see a revived site, with new posts added weekly providing inspiration for designers and some ramblings on my day-to-day discoveries on the web, plus a few surprises – but you will have to wait and see!”

Jason will be taking full ownership of the site from 1st December but he is an author with immediate effect, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of him very soon.

For me however, an era has come to an end. I learnt a lot with this site and got to know some great people too. If you haven’t already, do make sure you subscribe to the feed at my new site, or follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for the support that I’ve always been shown and thanks for the wealth of information and knowledge that you have all shared with me. Forgive me as I wipe back a tear or two. Goodbye

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Nike advert: Take it to the next level

When I sat down Tuesday week ago to watch Manchester United cruise through to the final of this years European Champions League (ho hum :) ), I couldn’t help notice an absolutely awesome Nike advert just before the game.

The two minute spot is directed by Guy Ritchie. I dont know, maybe with the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo in it, my opinion is biased, but I think it’s a great advert. I love the fast-paced almost surreal feel to it. What do you think?

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